In the dynamic landscape of skincare, Kinetin, a plant-based growth factor, is a powerhouse ingredient with a multitude of skin-nourishing properties. Known for its antioxidative, anti-aging, and moisturizing capabilities, Kinetin's benefits are the driving innovation in our latest offering: Sea Clearly Hydrating Facial SPF 35 + Kinetin. This post discusses why we chose to infuse our new sunscreen with this clinically proven ingredient. It is a one-of-a-kind product in the market.

Taming Time with Kinetin

The inevitability of skin aging is a global skincare concern. Our objective was not only to provide consumers with an efficacious sunscreen for safeguarding against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays but also to impart the additional anti-aging benefits of Kinetin. Pioneer studies by Berge et al. (1997) show that Kinetin can effectively delay and even reverse some signs of skin aging. Its effectiveness in reducing these visible aging indicators is attributed to its support of collagen synthesis and enhancement of skin elasticity, critical factors for maintaining youthful skin [3]. Furthermore, Kinetin has been proven to lessen mottled hyperpigmentation by ensuring a more even skin tone and rejuvenating skin texture (Hussein et al. 2018). By incorporating Kinetin into our facial sunscreen, we have created a multi-skincare solution that delivers unparalleled sun protection and promotes overall skin health.

A Protective Shield Against Oxidative Stress

Beyond its anti-aging properties, Kinetin also wields a strong antioxidative sword. Research by Rattan & Clark (2005) unveiled that Kinetin-treated cells bear less oxidative stress and damage[4]. Additionally, Kinetin's anti-inflammatory properties make it suitable for people with rosacea, a chronic inflammatory skin condition, as it helps reduce redness and inflammation, ultimately contributing to healthier-looking skin (Barua 2015). Coupled with our SPF formula, the antioxidative effects of Kinetin aim to protect your skin against external stressors, providing comprehensive protection for your skin.

The Blessings of Hydration

Efficient moisturizing is the cornerstone of glowing skin. Here too, Kinetin holds its own. Experimental studies prove that Kinetin boosts the skin's intrinsic moisture-retention capability, resulting in optimally hydrated, fuller-looking skin[5]. Our inclusion of Kinetin in Sea Clearly Hydrating Facial SPF 35 encapsulates this principle, aiming to endow the user with radiant, well-hydrated skin.

Our dedicated research into Kinetin guided us through the formulation of our Sea Clearly Hydrating Facial SPF 35. We tapped into the impressive scientific evidence surrounding Kinetin to harness its benefits for your skin. Our goal was to merge superior sun protection with noteworthy skincare advantages, creating a single product that meets multiple skincare needs. We hope our Sea Clearly Hydrating Facial SPF 35 empowers you to enjoy the sun while nurturing your skin.





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November 15, 2023 — Kaya Patel

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