Tattoo Preservation


We know you've invested upwards of hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your ink, so keeping your tattoos as sharp and clean as the day you left the the artist’s chair is on your mind.

You likely know how to keep your new ink clean and hydrated – in fact your tattoo artist probably provided you with an aftercare checklist detailing the healing process for your skin. But do you have a longterm plan for protecting your tattoo from fading in the sun?

Any tattoo exposed to the sun is at risk of fading. The risk is at its peak during the healing period, as the nature of the tattooing process leaves your skin sensitive to the UV rays. However, long-term sun protection is key to keeping the lines of your tattoo smooth and defined.


UVA & UVB radiation work in tandem to fade and distort your ink. UVA rays break down ink held in your dermis, the second layer of your skin, and white blood cells will target that ink as a foreign substance and carry it away in your blood stream.

While it may take years of UVA exposure to fade your tattoos, prolonged UVB exposure and resulting sunburns can have much quicker negative results on your ink. Intense sunburns can affect the coloring and clarity of your tattoo’s lines, especially if your tattoo is still healing.

The key to integrating an outdoor, active lifestyle with your artwork is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that will shield you from both UVA and UVB radiation.


Sonrei’s broad spectrum gentle, translucent gel goes on clear and looks great over your tattoos, unlike most white sunscreen lotions.

Sonrei is:

 Safe for all body parts, including your face
 Easy to glide through arm and/or leg hair
 Hydrating and moisturizing
 Water resistant (80 Minutes) 
 GMO free
 Gluten free
 Paraben free
 Fragrance free

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