If you've jumped on the worldwide pickleball wagon, you understand why this game has captured hearts globally. It offers an incredible combination of sociability, physical activity, and most importantly, fun! But playing outdoors, particularly during peak sunny hours, exposes your skin to potentially harmful UV rays. Unbelievably, there's one crucial step you could take to protect your skin while you enjoy your game: using sweat-proof sunscreen.  Here, we share why we recommend Sea Clearly Organic Mist SPF 50 and Sea Clearly Translucent Gel SPF 50 for this crucial step.

Why Sea Clearly Organic Mist SPF 50?

There are a plethora of sunscreen options available in the market. However, not all are made equal or specifically designed with sports enthusiasts in mind. Sea Clearly Organic Mist SPF 50 is an incredibly standout product in this arena. Here's why:

Designed for Active Skin: The proprietary continuous mist bonds sunscreen ingredients and antioxidants, offering remarkable protection while feeling gentle and enjoyable on the skin. It's perfect for an active game like pickleball - it stays put and doesn't run.

70% Organic: Sea Clearly is a clear sunscreen mist comprising 70% organic ingredients. It's a product that you can trust to be kind to your skin.

Vitamins Infusion: This sunscreen is infused with Vitamin C and E and Ferulic acid. Vitamin C aids in protecting against damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin E helps in hydrating and fortifying the skin barrier, while Ferulic acid enhances photo-protection.

Water & Sweat Resistant: No need to worry about your sunscreen washing off with sweat or water during your game. This incredible product has passed not only the US FDA 80-minute water resistance test.

Awards and Recognition: It's worth mentioning that Sea Clearly Organic Mist SPF 50 was the winner of Shape 2023 Skin Awards for Best Sunscreen Spray - validation that you're choosing a top-quality product.

Why Sea Clearly Translucent Gel SPF 50?

Winner of accolades and the bestselling product, the Sea Clearly Translucent Gel is both effective and unique. This innovative translucent gel sunscreen offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Proprietary Organoshield technology, bonds sunscreen ingredients and antioxidants via a uniform lattice structure.

Non-sticky gel formula: delivers maximum efficacy that locks in moisture while gliding on clear. Perfect for meeting your face and body athleisure needs, it doesn't run - it stays where applied

Water & Sweat Resistant: This incredible product has passed not only the US FDA 80-minute water resistance test but also the Australian TGA 240-minute water resistance test.

Maximizing the Benefits of Sea Clearly Sunscreens

To get the most out of your Sea Clearly sunscreens, follow these simple steps:

Apply Well In Advance: Begin the application of your sunscreen at least 30 minutes before your game, enabling the skin to absorb the sunscreen.

Enough Is Effective: Don't skimp on the quantity; a decent amount ensures effective coverage.

Reapply is The Key: If your game extends beyond two hours, reapply your sunscreen.

The Sea Clearly Organic Mist SPF 50 and Sea Clearly Translucent Gel SPF 50 are both excellent options for sweat-proof sun protection. While the mist offers ease of application with a light touch, the gel provides a soothing-on-skin experience. Both stay put, and won't run - just like your dedication to your game!

While the thrill of pickleball should be your focus, the protection of your skin shouldn't take the backseat. So serve-volley, hit the pickleball with all your might, and let the Sea Clearly Organic Mist SPF 50 and Sea Clearly Translucent Gel SPF 50 handle your skin's defense. Win your game, not a sunburn!

October 27, 2023 — Kaya Patel

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