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Ultimate Summer Starter Kit: Your 3-Step Solution for Sun-Ready Skin

Embrace the season of sunshine with our carefully curated Ultimate Summer Starter Kit. This bundle offers a comprehensive 3-step skincare routine, formulated to protect, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin in the warmer months.

Step 1: Start with Confidence
Apply the Facial SPF 35 + Growth Factor. This miracle worker not only defends against harmful UV rays but also stimulates the skin's innate renewal process with a revolutionary Growth Factor. Ensuring an even application across the face, you kickstart your day with solar armor and a promise of rejuvenation.

Step 2: Hydrate and Shine
Layer on the Sea Clearly Hydrating Body Gel, a fast-absorbing quencher for your entire body. This nourishing gel packs potent antioxidants that deeply hydrate and create a protective barrier, leaving your skin refreshed and radiant under the sun.

Step 3: Keep the Protection Going
Throughout your sun-soaked day, top up your skin's defense with the Organic Mist. This easy-to-apply mist provides continued protection while lending skin a burst of hydration. Reapply as needed so you can bask in your day worry-free.

Stay sunny, stay safe, and look your summer best with our Ultimate Summer Starter Kit!


We're all facts and no fluff. Check out our Lab Results page below to see our laboratory tested and approved claims for UV protection and water resistance.